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Have you ever had a vision of a secret government facility hiding in a nondescript building behind the local McDonalds. If you have, you may be psychic. A news service out of Arlington wrote a report today featuring the headline: “US Fights Cybercrime from Suburban Office Parks.” The article goes into detail as a reporter gets to go behind the scenes a couple Federal cybercrime units located in nondescript locations.

Martha Mendoza, AP National writer, reports, “Only after passing a low-key receptionist stationed on the seventh floor does one see the metal detectors, personal cell-phone lockers and a series of heavy doors marked “classified” – all leading to the auditorium-sized National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center. Inside, around-the-clock, close to 100 specialists monitor floor-to-ceiling maps of the U.S. and world, along with streams of data and breaking news. States are color-coded from green to red, for a low threat of attack to severe.” It’s clear the US isn’t just hiding in certain giant government facilities.

It makes sense considering the vast network needed to combat cybercrime. Next time you pass a random business park and wonder what’s inside, you may be surprised.